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Our Practice

Get to Know Us a Bit Better

Mental health care clinic that offers primary and substance abuse help alongside the mental health. We have b a variety of qualified trained certified professionals providing these services. We would like to have the ability to keep growing as the need grows in the community. We accept all insurance types for payments including Medicare and Medicaid.


The practice and owner:

Melissa Brusacoram is my name and I am a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. I am experienced in children’s and adult mental health. I have over 20 years of healthcare experience in a wide range of medical specialties, several of which have been spent in mental health. I have opened and operated this community mental health clinic since 2021 with the hopes to provide needed services to our rural community. The hope is that with the right tools we can all achieve mental wellness. I am passionate about the youth in our community. I am dedicated to helping them develop and identify tools to deal with the everyday challenges they face along with any mental illnesses they may have. Our youth are our future. I truly want to help others on their mental health journey. We see a variety of patients and take a variety of insurances. Come let us help you with your mental wellness journey, we look forward to assisting you.  




To provide needed mental health, primary health and substance abuse help for the Iron Range community. Provide the tools needed to succeed in life. Service provided for all ages 4 and up. To help build a community that is healthy, happy, and safe.





To provide patient centered care that is compassionate, ethical, efficient, knowledge based treatment. Providing tools for the patient's toolbox so they can have a functional, successful, quality of life in the community.

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